Water Softeners for about $1 per day

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Get Better Water For Less

If you’re experiencing hard water issues such as soap scum on sinks and bathtubs, scale build-up on plumbing fixtures, spots on cutlery, glassware and mirrors — it may be time for a water softener. Renting a water softener from Tri State Water is an easy way to improve the water quality in your home. For about a $1 a day, you’ll make your family more comfortable and could help make your appliances more efficient.

Don't own your home.  No Problem.  Not owning a home is no reason to go without the benefits of soft, filtered water wherever you live. Renting a water treatment unit gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to how you treat your water, and where. With a water Softener, whole house filters, and drinking water systems from Tri State Water, you can find the right solution to fit almost any space.

Benefits of Renting a Home Water System

  • No large up front costs
  • Low Monthly Flat Rate

  • No maintenance, repair costs or filter replacement costs (We take care of it all*)

  • High Quality Water At A Low Cost

  • Flexible Short & Long Term Options (military, job relocation, etc)

We Also Rent the Following Equipment

  • Drinking Filters

  • Whole House Carbon Filters

  • Iron Filters

  • Acid Neutralizers

  • Ultraviolet System

Ask about our Bundled Packages to get complete home filtration.