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Water Solutions for the Entire House

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Water Softener

Discover the  benefits of softened water.  A Tri State Water Softener lets you use less soaps and shampoos in the bath and less detergents in your laundry and kitchen. Dramatically improve water quality for every use and reduce mineral deposits in plumbing and water using appliances.
A water softener is the most effective and least costly way to get rid of your hard water problems
  • Save money on detergents and chemicals
  • Extend the life of water using appliances(dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines)
  • Skin feels less dry and smoother
  • Clothes last longer

Reverse Osmosis

Never-ending clean, filtered drinking water is right at your fingertips. No other solution offers the clean, endless fresh water you get from a Tri State Drinking Water System. Home water filtration and purification has never been easier.  


Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems include mechanical filtration to remove particles, carbon absorption and adsorption to remove chlorine, taste, odor and chemical contaminants, as well as membrane separation down to .0001 microns. RO membranes remove dissolved solids at the ionic level. No other purification system can provide better removal. Reverse Osmosis Systems provide the best quality drinking water for your family.

Reverse Osmosis
Whole House Filters
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Whole House Filters

A Tri State Water  Whole House Water Filter can make a big difference in the water you drink and use daily. A home water filtration systems can reduce the causes of problem water contaminants such as lead, PFOS/PFOA, cysts, sediment, iron, low pH or high chlorine. A whole home water filtration system reduces particles in your water to leave you with fresh and clean water throughout your home.

Common water issue:







Low PH


Replacement Filters

Tri State Water carries brand name and compatible water filters for just about any make or model of drinking water system.  Just let us know the make and model of your system.

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Replacement Filters

Get Better Water Now

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