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Get Pure and Healthy Drinking water for less than bottled water

"No Worry Plan"


Free Installation

No filter replacement costs

No service/maintenance costs

Pure and Healthy water


Getting better water has never been this easy


Guaranteed Best Prices


Fast Service


Over 20 Years in Business


Fully Insured

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Never-ending clean, filtered drinking water is right at your fingertips. No other solution offers the clean, endless fresh water you get from a Tri State Drinking Water System. Home water filtration and purification has never been easier.  


With our "NO WORRY PLAN", you and your family can drink and use safe, pure, and healthy water without the worry of costly filter replacements or maintenance charges.

There is no need to worry about contaminants such as lead, PFOS/PFOA, cysts, sediment, iron, low pH, bacteria or high chlorine because our process completely removes water contaminants and dissolved particles.

Other Services covered in the No Worry Plan

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Whole House Filter

A Tri State Water  Whole House Water Filter can make a big difference in the water you drink and use daily. A home water filtration systems can reduce the causes of problem water contaminants such as lead, PFOS/PFOA, cysts, sediment, iron, low pH or high chlorine.

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Water softener

Discover the  benefits of softened water.  A Tri State Water Softener lets you use less soaps and shampoos in the bath and less detergents in your laundry and kitchen. Dramatically improve water quality for every use and reduce mineral deposits in plumbing and water using appliances.

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