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What's in your water?

Private Well or City Water Testing  Kits

Water Tests

What Kind Of Water Do You Have?

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If you live in a suburban or rural area, your drinking water might be affected by pollutants. Make sure you know how clean your water is with our Well Water Test Kit. It has everything you need to identify abnormalities in your drinking water like bacteria, lead, pesticides, iron, and other contaminants that could impact your health.

How it Works

1. Collect Water Sample

By following the instructions in our kit, collect a sample by filling a few bottles with water and completing out a short form.

2.  Ship it to the laboratory

Return your kit to our laboratory using the required delivery method provided on the instructions

3. Receive an In-depth Report

We'll give you an easy-to-read report that has all of your results compared side-by-side with National EPA Standards.

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