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Standard Well Water Test Kit

Tests your Well or City Water for...

  • - Bacteria (presence/absence for Total Coliform and E.Coli)

  • - 22 heavy metals and minerals (including lead, arsenic, uranium, and mercury)

  • - 7 other inorganic chemicals (including nitrates and fluoride)

  • - 5 physical factors (including pH, Total Dissolved Solids and Hardness)

  • - 4 trihalomethanes (disinfection by

  • - products)

  • - 47 volatile organic chemicals (including MTBE, PCE and TCE)

  • - Full List of Contaminants PDF


The Standard Well Water Test Kit is a comprehensive informational water analysis designed for the homeowner whose drinking water comes from a private well or spring. This water testing package tests for 87 items and is a more comprehensive version of the basic analysis adding 47 VOCs and 4 Trihalomethanes.

This kit requires Next Day return shipping. Return shipping not included.

If you are performing testing to meet a regulatory requirements or if you believe your results may be used for litigation purposes, please contact us for more information about testing packages designed for those purposes.


1. Schedule Appointment for Sample Collection

2. Water is Tested and Analized

3. Receive Your In-depth Report

We'll come to your home and collect several samples of your water.  Its fast and easy.

Samples are sent to the lab for testing

We'll give you an easy-to-read report that has all of your results compared side-by-side with National EPA Standards. If you need help with the results, just call us.

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